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Nevada Triangle — A Trap in the Mountains Nevada Triangle, photo courtesy TV Tonight Though most of us have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, where planes and ships have mysteriously gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean for decades, not all are aware that there is a similar place in Nevada. Lying in a region of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Nevada and California , some 2, planes have been lost in the last 60 years. In this remotely populated area of more than 25, miles of mountain desert, many of the crash sites are never found. The triangle is typically defined as spanning from Las Vegas, Nevada in the southeast to Fresno, California in the west, and to Reno, Nevada at the top. Within this rugged wilderness is the mysterious, top-secret Area Throughout these many years, many of the missing planes were flown by experienced pilots and disappeared under mysterious circumstances, with the wreckage never found. One such plane to go missing with that of a record-setting aviator, sailor, and adventurer named Steve Fossett on September 3, After hunting for a month for the plane, the search was called off and on February 15, , Fossett was declared dead. A few days later, the crash site was discovered—approximately 65 miles from where the aviator initially took off.

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Is the Bermuda Triangle Really Dangerous? Live Science – March 23, A vaguely defined expanse of the Atlantic Ocean triangulated between Puerto Rico, Florida and Bermuda has enjoyed a rather sinister – though perhaps largely unearned – reputation for decades.

Most of the examples seen in the U. The model designation is Type 63 Carbine and were produced in state arsenals. Not sure on how to tell the year of these weapons as no definitive pattern has been observed. The only difference between these two North Korean SKS’s is the second digit which may be related to the year or the arsenal, not sure which. The Arsenal is usually marked on the top of the receiver cover and all the pictures I have seen have the same stamping.

That is why I am led to believe the first 2 digits have something to do with the year.

British Railway Signalling

The three bright stars that mark the vertices of the Summer Triangle are Altair , Deneb , and Vega , the brightest stars in the constellations Aquila , Cygnus , and Lyra. The star pattern makes it easy to locate each of the three constellations. The Summer Triangle is as noticeable in the summer sky as Orion constellation is in the winter. In fact, the asterism is so prominent in the sky that it was once used for navigation.

Dec 19,  · Triangle: Episode 25 by gummimochi. We’re finally in the finale week for Triangle, where even more death threats are issued, more conversations are played out from beginning to end, and more plans are set into.

Bermuda Triangle disappearances Over the past centuries, many ships and air planes have disappeared or met with fatal accidents in the triangular area on Atlantic ocean known as Bermuda Triangle. In several cases, no trace of the ships and aircraft were found even after extensive search operations were carried out for hundreds and thousands of square miles in the ocean. Such incidents of disappearances have been known since s and continues to take place in present time.

While there are various explanations and theories behind such incidents, in many cases the incidents have remained unexplained. In a shocking incident of , a whole bunch of five training flights that took off from Florida naval base under the leadership of an experienced captain, never returned to the base. All are clueless as to what may have happened to it. In fact a Martin Mariner flying boat that was sent for the search operation, also went missing.

In another incident of , a large well known cargo ship went missing in the triangle area without a trace with over crew members on board.

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Michel Guillemot September 19, – New series! IGN Wireless is pleased to bring you the first installment of “Mobile Luminaries,” an ongoing series of dialogues with major players in the mobile gaming industry. We’ll talk about secrets of success in the mobile arena, favorite games, and more. To kick off our new series, we chatted up Michel Guillemot, the head of mobile maker GameLoft. If you’re familiar with mobile gaming, you’re familiar with Gameloft — they’re responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed wireless games: This game, basically a series of tongue-in-someone-else’s-cheek conversations, is not necessarily the deepest title on the decks, but neither are the teenie-weenie soap operas that plague uh, populate channels like the WB, and it seems plenty o’ folks like those.

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Harrell, honored the past Chair, Dr. Lizzie Harrell and past and present members of the committee. Harrell, the first Chair of TPC Archives was recognized for serving in that capacity for 8 years and for spearheading the organizing and categorizing of the collections during that time. Harrell and presented her with a bouquet of flowers and each committee member with a long stem red rose.

Andre Vann, was present to sign the contract receiving the collection and provided accolades to Dr. Harrell and the committee for turning over a well-organized collection. He and his team will also work with us toward digitizing the collection in the future. Harrell, Past Chair – Dr. In addition to providing tutoring, TPC presented the students with new backpacks for the school year. Students at Burton Elementary School were also given backpacks by the Chapter. Kimberly Farrell, Principal and Mr.

During the October 14, chapter meeting, five of our esteemed members were honored as Alumna members. TPC is grateful for the dedicated service these women have provided to Linkdom for numerous year.

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What makes Connecting Christians unique and stand out from the many hundreds of Internet dating sites? Established in , Connecting Christians is Blessed! Connecting Christians is not an Internet Dating site.

Triangle of Love is the most popular niche dating site for Adventist singles with over , users around the world. Edward said his users range in age from 21 to 79, but the majority are relationship-minded folks in their 30s and 40s.

Launched in , Triangle of Love offers Adventists a God-centered dating experience in a safe online community. This niche dating site has helped over , members build relationships with people in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. An Adventist named Edward created and now manages the site to support Adventist values in the dating world.

The dating platform has the look and feel of a social networking site, which makes newcomers feel welcome from the moment they sign up. Dating someone outside your religion can be difficult, especially if one or both of you are devout believers. You could also face disapproval from your family members or your church. In many ways, you could potentially undermine your happiness by choosing a partner who is fundamentally incompatible with your beliefs.

The Weird Wolds of Yorkshire: Inside the Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle

The Evo Triangle The Power of Three Apparently ‘three’ is the magic number and indeed many great things do come in threes: On a bright July morning I left the quiet Welsh village of Ruthin in search of another great trio. A set of roads many petrolheads will have heard of but few lucky enough to have driven. I was in North Wales headed for the Denbigh Moors, home to the Evo triangle, so called because of its admiration from the writers at Evo magazine high praise indeed.

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It is a place where kings built hospices to protect weary travelers from wolves — and werewolves; a place where cloistered monks chronicled the predations of zombies, vampires and aliens; a place dotted with henges, barrows, tumuli and ancient burial mounds that superstitious locals once avoided for fear of encountering the fairy folk who dwelt there. The Wolds have a reputation for otherworldly spirits and fairy folk.

And all this was before the peace of the Yorkshire Wolds was disturbed by the crash of a giant meteorite falling from the sky into the center of what I have called the Wold Newton Triangle. Where is the Wold Newton Triangle? The southern and final side of the Triangle runs parallel to the old Woldgate Roman road, which heads out from Bridlington and across what used to be called the East Riding of Yorkshire towards Stamford Bridge and York.

But why should such a place, and a relatively remote and sparsely populated place at that, throughout all its long history, be the location for so much weirdness? Is it merely coincidence or are there other factors at play to make this part of the Yorkshire Wolds a nexus or focus for the arcane, the unusual and the just plain uncanny? When it comes to possible explanations, two candidates stand out from all the rest:

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Ethics — especially the virtue ethics espoused by Aristotle — provide a way of thinking about how to do the right thing by ourselves and by other people online without being moralistic or overly prescriptive. But first things first. The inconvenient truth about online dating is that all too often truth is tossed aside as a mere inconvenience.

The story soon became international news when details emerged about the altercation. Shipman had recently begun dating Bill Oefelein, an astronaut who had once dated Nowak.

Busted Descending Triangle Summary Price can breakout of an descending triangle in any direction. For testing and safety, I used the top and bottom of the triangle as the price where a stock busts the triangle, not a trendline break. As one might imagine, a descending triangle with a downward breakout that busts results in a higher gain. That means there are fewer double and triple busted triangles. Single Busted Descending Triangles I show a chart of a single busted descending triangle in QLogic on the daily scale.

The descending triangle is outlined with blue trendlines which really look black on my ‘puter. Price pierces the bottom trendline at A and confirms the chart pattern with an downward breakout. However, price does not drop far before it reverses. When price closes above the top of the triangle, which occurs at B red line , it busts the downward breakout.

For a single bust, look for: Price breaks out either upward or downward from an descending triangle by closing outside of the trendline border. This occurs at A in the figure.

Bulkowski’s Busted Symmetrical Triangles

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According to his log, on October 8, , Columbus looked down at his compass and noticed that it was giving weird readings. This was probably a good decision considering three days later when Columbus simply spotted a strange light, the crew threatened to return to Spain. Despite this, in the U. Coast Guard, attempting to explain the reasons for disappearances in the Triangle, stated: Normally it points toward magnetic north.

The difference between the two is known as compass variation. The amount of variation changes by as much as 20 degrees as one circumnavigates the earth. If this compass variation or error is not compensated for, a navigator could find himself far off course and in deep trouble. Of course, despite this now being repeated as an explanation for disappearances in the Triangle on numerous documentaries and articles since then, it turns out magnetic variation is something ship captains and other explorers have known about and had to deal with pretty much as long as there have been ships and compasses.

In , the Coast Guard revisited the issue after a TV producer in London inquired about it for a program he was working on. In this case, they correctly changed their tune about the magnetic field bit stating, Many explanations have cited unusual magnetic properties within the boundaries of the Triangle. It is true that some exceptional magnetic values have been reported within the Triangle, but none to make the Triangle more unusual than any other place on Earth.

All told, about individuals were unaccounted for, and they all went missing around the Bermuda Triangle.

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